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Soy what? June 23, 2007

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Soy used to be considered the golden child of nutrition, a food that could fight heart disease, promote stronger bones, reduce the risk of some kinds of cancer and help people lose weight. But suddenly, soy bashing is all over the media. Adding to the confusion, you find soy in just about everything you eat nowadays, plus a whole range of meat and dairy substitutes: soy hot dogs, soy garden burgers, soy cheese, milk and butter, breads made from soy flour, soy power bars, soy “meats” - not to mention vegetarian standbys like tofu, miso and soy sauce.

So who’s right? Is soy safe?

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The local scoop: Earth, Health and Animal Newsletter June 21, 2007

Green families, listen up: The Dallas/Fort Worth Earth/Health/Animal Newsletter is one green resource you want landing in your mailbox every month! As the name implies, news ranges from eco-happenings and local issues, to holistic and alternative health, to veg lifestyles, to animal compassion. The newsletter lists dozens of local events and resources. Stop by — but make sure you have plenty of time, because this list is a great read!


Should your family go vegetarian? May 20, 2007

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Mad Cow, meat and milk afloat with hormones and antibiotics, virulent food-borne illnesses and super-sized junk meals that are causing “diseases of nutritional extravagance” (heart disease, cancer, diabetes). After biting into news like this about meat, your favorite down-and-dirty, fast and healthy chicken breast recipe doesn’t sound quite as mouth-watering.

Mounting evidence points to animal products as less-than-ideal sources of nutrition, and even the most straight-laced organizations tout the virtues of a plant-based diet. Savvy parents are turning to the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle in record numbers. But isn’t vegetarianism imbalanced and extreme? Could it possibly be right for your busy family?

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Dallas Vegetarian Luncheon, May 20 May 14, 2007

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Vegetarian Network of Dallas Luncheon
Sunday, May 20

Noon to 2 PM

Veggie Garden Restaurant
516 West Arapaho Road, Suite 112
Richardson , TX 75080

In addition to Veggie Garden’s endless buffet of fresh salads, many delicious entrées, and tasty desserts, each VegNod member attending our May lunch gets one
free raffle ticket for a gift valued at more than $15. But, if you bring a non-vegetarian friend, you’ll get two tickets and your guest will get one.

Remember: You must be a VegNod member or accompanied by a member to participate in the raffle. If you aren’t already a member, join today.


Vegetarian events for May May 6, 2007

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Beginning in May, VegNod of Dallas will begin hosting monthly vegan potlucks. Start practicing your favorite vegan recipes! Check the VegNod calendar for details.

Newcomers are welcome at all of these May VegNod vegetarian events. (more…)


APC Reads: Salad People and More Real Recipes May 4, 2007

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If you haven’t caught on to the trick of getting kids into the kitchen to build their interest in what lands on their plates, Salad People And More Real Recipes from Mollie Katzen will get your preschoolers cooking in short order. My five-year-old daughter seized this bright pink book out of my hands and spent the rest of the afternoon poring over the possibilities. And get this: it’s all healthy, good-for-you food!

Written with both parents and preschoolers in mind, Katzen presents each recipe in two sections: a traditional recipe with cooking hints and safety tips for parents, and an illustrated picture recipe for children. Pre-readers can follow along as you walk through the pictures, and readers will be able to do much or all of the reading themselves. The presentation is bright, friendly, artistic and inviting. (more…)


Vegetarian Network of Dallas (VegNod)

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Vegetarianism is growing and becoming more mainstream, but vegetarians are still only a small portion of the United States population. We want to change that. To that end, in February 2007, Presidents Margaret Morin and Julia McCloud founded Vegetarian Network of Dallas (VegNod). We believe that a vegetarian network enables us to support each vegetarian as an individual and vegetarians as a group, as there is great strength in numbers.

The mission of VegNod is to spread the adoption of vegetarianism through promoting the understanding and respect for vegetarianism and the vegetarian lifestyle. (more…)