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How old do they have to be before I can leave them alone? July 6, 2007

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How old do your children have to be before you can leave them alone? In Texas, there are no hard and fast rules. Here’s what the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has to say:

Supervision of children is basic to the prevention of harm. Adequate supervision means an adult caregiver is accountable for the child’s care. Although there is no Texas law that defines a specific age at which a child may be left home alone, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding how closely to supervise a child, including:

  • the age, emotional maturity and capability of the child;
  • layout and safety of the home, play area, or other setting;
  • neighborhood circumstances, hazards, and risks;
  • the child’s ability to respond to illness, fire, weather, or other types of emergencies; and
  • whether the child has a mental, physical, or medical disability.

The number of children left unsupervised, the accessibility to other responsible adults, the length of time or frequency with which the child is left alone, and the child’s knowledge of the parent’s whereabouts are additional relevant factors. (more…)


One-upMOMship: Competitive Mothering July 2, 2007

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What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, a mommy, both? During the phase of pigtails and penny loafers, little girls are told they can be anything they want to be, do anything they want to do. Fast-forward several decades and the notion to do it all, be it all and have it all is firmly engrained. But somewhere between the magic of make believe and the reality of “real” life, the message gets muddled.

Today, there seems to be a battle blazing among the little girls who grew up playing “mommy” to a carriage full of doe-eyed dolls. Jockeying for top spot as room mother, sending the kids to the best camp, moms today often seem more concerned with competing than with parenting. Yet, despite the one-upping and the out-doing, all moms want the same thing, happy healthy children. So in the end, if all sides have the same objective, what are they really fighting for?

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