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Dare you let your kids play outside with the garden hose? May 29, 2007

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We’d answer that question by saying it’s OK to drink from a hose only if you know it was labeled safe on the package and if you flush it first. If you don’t flush out the hose, the water standing inside may contain worrisome amounts of lead and other chemicals that leach from the hose itself. Many hoses are made of polyvinyl chloride, which uses lead as a stabilizer.

Read more at Consumer Reports.


Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area May 27, 2007

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Tucked into the folds of the soft rolling hills of north central Texas, situated beneath the Lewisville Dam, the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) occupies a unique ecological position in the landscape of North America. It is here where the northwestern-most extent of the bottomland forests stretch fingers into the southern end of the tallgrass prairie of the Midwest; where the Elm Fork of the Trinity River winds its way out of the sandy uplands of the dry Cross Timbers into the deep, rich soils of the Blackland prairies; where agricultural lands intergrade with ranching and a rapidly growing urban expanse. (more…)


Whole Foods 365 Sesame Tahini Recalled May 25, 2007

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Austin, TX — May 22, 2007 - Whole Foods Market is voluntarily recalling 365 Organic Everyday Value Sesame
Tahini 16-oz, with a Best By Date of 10/02/07 or earlier because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Food contaminated with Salmonella may not look or smell spoiled. Consumption of food contaminated with this bacteria may cause
salmonellosis, a foodborne illness. In young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems, salmonellosis may cause serious
and sometimes deadly infections. In otherwise healthy people, salmonellosis may cause short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe
headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Long-term complications may include severe arthritis. (more…)


Report a Polluter! Smoking Vehicle Watch May 21, 2007

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Don’t keep on driving — report those smoking vehicles!

Report a polluter on the web or dial dial #76653 (SMOKE) on your mobile phone.  Be prepared to provide the time, date, closest intersection and license plate number of the smoking vehicle.

Why do we have a Regional Smoking Vehicle Program?

The purpose for the North Central Texas Regional Smoking Vehicle Program is to advise vehicle owners of possible emission problems they may not be aware of in
order to take corrective action. By keeping your vehicle well maintained it is good for the air, good for all of us who breathe it, and it is good for your
pocketbook. Studies show that well maintained vehicles are cheaper to operate, last longer, and need fewer costly repairs. This program benefits you and the
community by developing and implementing programs designed to ensure that North Central Texas meets national air quality standards. (more…)


Should your family go vegetarian? May 20, 2007

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Mad Cow, meat and milk afloat with hormones and antibiotics, virulent food-borne illnesses and super-sized junk meals that are causing “diseases of nutritional extravagance” (heart disease, cancer, diabetes). After biting into news like this about meat, your favorite down-and-dirty, fast and healthy chicken breast recipe doesn’t sound quite as mouth-watering.

Mounting evidence points to animal products as less-than-ideal sources of nutrition, and even the most straight-laced organizations tout the virtues of a plant-based diet. Savvy parents are turning to the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle in record numbers. But isn’t vegetarianism imbalanced and extreme? Could it possibly be right for your busy family?

Read more at DallasChild.


Become a Citizen Forester May 19, 2007

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From Walter Passmore, City Forester with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department: “Citizen Forester classes will be offered starting June 12, 2007, at Reverchon Recreation Center and Park.  The series of six classes (one per month) will cover a range of subjects to equip volunteers to identify, design, lead and participate in urban forestry projects.  Citizen foresters will be fully equipped to grow a greener back yard, neighborhood and City of Dallas.

The citizen forester program is a joint venture between the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department and the Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee.  Class size is limited and registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  A registration form and adult volunteer application must be completed and returned by participants. (more…)


Free Driving Tour of Low-Water Landscaping

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In the last few years, more homeowners have tried their green thumbs at xeriscaping. It’s a smart idea, what with the water forecast not exactly
encouraging wildly abandoned use of sprinklers. Still, it’s a landscaping tactic that many of us feel is as difficult to embrace as some of the prickly plants it

And then along comes the 12th annual Dallas Water Utilities Water-Wise Garden Tour, featuring 27 locations all over the city, including many in our own
neighborhood and nearby. The free, self-driving tour map is available online or can be picked up at the DWU’s central headquarters, the White Rock Pump Station,
2900 White Rock Rd.

Saturday, June 2, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Save Dallas Water

Tip from the East Dallas Advocate Newsletter


Free Home Energy Audits

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Thanks to Amy Martin at Moonlady for this tip.

Oncor (formerly TXU Electric Delivery) has an energy efficiency incentive program for anyone using Oncor to deliver their electric power (about 99% of us). It doesn’t matter who your power provider happens to be … the power flows over Oncor lines, thus just about everyone in the Metroplex is eligible to participate. This program is required as part of the deregulation legislation, and is structured such that Oncor pays part to all of the cost for various services … including energy audits.

Eligible energy efficiency improvements include addition of insulation, duct sealing, caulking and weather-stripping and basic energy audits. Items that may also meet program requirements include Energy Star appliances, air conditioners, water heaters and more. (more…)


Dallas: Kids Safety Fair, June 2

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The Dallas Police Department Northeast Division Proudly Presents
Kids Safety Fair
Saturday, June 2, 2007
10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Northeast Division
9915 E. Northwest Hwy

Displays and demonstrations will include the Dallas Police Department’s Helicopter Unit, Traffic, SWAT, Bomb Squad, K9 Unit, Mounted, Narcotics, Auto Theft (HEAT), Mobile Police Action Center, Sky Watch Tower, Bike BOT, GANG Unit and Recruiting.

Free Hot Dogs, Pizza and Drinks
Dunking Booth
Bounce House
Face Painting



Super Cool Sun Protection for Your Baby May 16, 2007

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Designed by a Dallas/Fort Worth-area registered nurse and mother of three, the Secure2Me Eclipse is the perfect solution for protecting your child from the sun’s harmful rays. Solarveil is the only patented, open-knit, totally breathable, cool, comfortable sun protection fabric on the market. The Secure2Me Eclipse is made of revolutionary Solarveil® Sun Protection Fabric.

Solarveil blocks up to 95% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays while keeping your baby cooler and more comfortable. Constructed of two layers of cool, ray-blocking Solarveil sun protection fabric. The open knit construction allows air to easily pass through the fabric thereby rapidly evaporating the moisture, creates an air conditioning effect. Simply clip the Eclipse Solarveil blanket to any of your baby gear and your little one is ready to greet the great outdoors in comfort and safety.


ADD: Drugs vs. Diet May 15, 2007

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There may be something to the old saying, “You are what you eat.” Some experts have long questioned whether sugar, chemical additives and fatty foods could be to blame for ADD and ADHD (a more destructive form of ADD), claiming kids are all hyped up, buzzed out on sugar and driven to distraction. Whatever the cause, the sheer number of children being diagnosed with this learning disability is alarming. Estimates range anywhere from 5 million to 20 million in the United States alone. And while many parents and teachers at their wits’ end have been turning to Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs since the late ’80s — some claiming great results — for other parents, Ritalin is not the magic pill, and possible side effects have them pursuing other approaches, trying to figure out the nuances of out-of-whack body chemistry.

Read more at DallasChild.


Knitting for Peace

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Don’t be a knitwit — make a difference. Knitting for Peace, designed for all skill levels, will take on a different charity knitting project every quarter. First project: caps for newborns at Parkland Hospital.

Those with no knitting experience are welcome to attend and need bring nothing but a willingness to learn.  Experienced knitters are asked to bring a skein of wool-free sport weight yarn and a set of size 3 DP needles. If you’ve never used double pointed needles, don’t worry — they’ll show you how! Crocheters are also welcomed to attend. Build up skills to help you get through long peacemaking meetings! At the Dallas Peace Center.

Saturday, May 19, 10:00 a.m.
Knitting for Peace
Dallas Peace Center
4301 Bryan St., #202
Dallas, TX  75204